Rinzai Satori Tells All

Rinzai Satori TM Tells All

This is the story of how my father saw this man unclothed in a St. Louis hotel back in the 1960's. What you about to read is true. No names have been changed to protect anybody. If I leave out a name, it's because I don't know it.

My father was a salesman for a reasonably large shoe company during the 1960's. He eventually became the president of the company, but that's another story and has nothing to do with this. As you might know, when a large company wants to pitch to potential clients, they often rent a nice hotel suite, get everybody in the room, make the presentation, and afterwards toss around drinks and food like it's free. (Well, it is free to some extent, because it's written off as a business expense and the rest of us make up the difference in tax revenue, so think of it as a kind of corporate welfare--although I see nothing wrong with that). My father arrived in St. Louis early in the day, went to the hotel where the sales suite was rented, and asked to inspect it in case something needed to be done before the sales presentation began.

Although it was a little early in the day (checkout at 1:00 PM or something like that), the manager agreed to take him up to look at the suite. Now it's time for, as Peter Cook might have put it, "the wry twist." The Godfather of Soul was giving concerts in town during that week, and he was staying in the suite that my father was about to inspect--and had supposedly checked out that morning.

When the manager opened the door, he and my father were greeted by the sight of--but I'm getting ahead of myself. As Mr. Brown was exiting that morning, he'd encountered a maid who'd caught his eye, and they'd decided to to get to know each other better back in the suite James had just vacated. He and the maid were on the couch getting to know each other up close and personal (in flagrante delicto as we say when we want to be pretentious) when the door opened, and that's what my father saw. Of course, James got up to see what the intrusion was, and my father saw even more than he had already. (So did the hotel manager, but we're not talking about him.) James, of course, said something like "Hey man, you're cool!"

Well, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business was taken downtown and booked on trespassing charges (the maid had the key, but he didn't, and in any event he was no longer the lawful user of the suite), the maid got fired, and my dad had the hotel clean off the couch.

You can't make this stuff up.

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