Welcome to the Helly Jelly Jelly Bean home page! Right away you'll discover that we're not like those other jelly bean companies--the ones we call the "beanie weenies." It doesn't matter how many flavors they have--29, 31, 40, or 4,000--if they're just going to be the same old boring tastes you've had for the last 1,849 generations. At Helly Jelly, we march to a different beat. Take a look around and see if we don't live up to that promise!

Helly Jelly Jelly Beans are available in the following exciting flavors!

Cocktail Weiner Tomato Asparagus Anchovy
Bacon Sour Cream Split Pea Clam
Green Olive Deli Mustard Ketchup Boiled Okra
Liver Graham Cracker Kosher Pickle Sweet Potato
Hard Boiled
Pig's Feet Rice


Helly Jelly Jelly Beans are good eaten alone, but better when eaten in combinations to produce new taste sensations! Try these, or invent your own!
1 Cocktail Weiner 1 Deli Mustard Ballpark Hotdog!

2 Clam 1 Tomato Manhattan Clam Chowder!

1 Sour Cream 1 Ketchup 1 Kosher Pickle Thousand Island Salad Dressing!

And here's a long one!
1 Tomato1 Boiled Okra
1 Pig's Feet1 RiceGumbo!
(Thanks to all you Cajun and Creole food critics that wrote to tell us this isn't a proper gumbo recipe! Hey, we just work with what we've got.)
(The following recipes are courtesy of Chad and Rhonda Roalson)
1 Deli Mustard
1 Sour Cream1 Hard Boiled EggDeviled Egg!
1 Graham Cracker1 Sweet PotatoSweet Potato Pie

Had Enough? Or Want Some More?

Helly Jelly Jelly Beans are available wherever fine jelly beans are sold.*

Got some ideas for your own flavors? Or for new recipes using Helly Jelly Jelly Beans?
Send 'em along to: Helly Jelly Kitchens. We read everything that comes in, reply to a lot of it, and we're always glad to hear from you. This page is no longer being actively updated (we're working on the main site), but we've always got time to look over a new flavor idea or recipe.

*Not really. This is just an elaborate joke.

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