Latest News from the Bean Factory

And it's not good news, either.

September 14th, 1997, a day that will live in infamy (for about 6, maybe 7 minutes), the original Bean Machine passed on, bought the farm, bit the dust, joined the choir invisible, kicked the bucket, became an ex-parrot--in short, me lad, it's dead. It's a door stop, a paper weight, a boat anchor, an artificial reef. It's in pieces behind us as we type this.

That raises the musical question: how are you writing this?

Well, we have a new Bean Machine now. Much more powerful, much more space, much less expensive (go figure). The bad news is that all of your nice mail with beans and recipe suggestions is gone. Everything you see on the site is still intact, because it was on another drive, but the mail is now just so many useless bits of ferromagnetism locked on an inaccessible and highly kaput drive.

Suggestions received after September 15th are still being tabulated.

On other fronts, we're still trying to cadge the Hormel Company into licensing a Spamtm bean. We'll let you know how it goes.

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