You know that in this modern age, it's tough to be in the insurance business. Revenues are down, claims are up, fraud is rampant.

No single insurance company can go it alone.

That's why we're here: the Self-Interested Group of Insurance Companies.

Without Us, We Wouldn't Be Here

Nobody just handed this corporate alliance to us--we built it ourselves. And because of that, we've got that extra bit of pride that comes from pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. That extra bit of pride that says, no, we don't need your piddly little bit of business, we're doing just fine on our own. Our competitors know this--and they respect it.

We're Not Just Tough on Ourselves--We're Tough on Everybody

We've got procedures, processes, and policies. And if we can live by them, we think everyone else can, too. That's how we've made our reputation, and that's how we're going to keep it.

Not Just Anyone Can Do Business With Us

In fact, only we can. We only insure our member companies, guaranteeing that we can maintain the lowest payout percentage in the industry. Keep in mind, though, that by doing this we also maintain the lowest premiums in the industry, guaranteeing the greatest value for every premium dollar invested.

Our Member Companies

Our Member Companies have one thing in common: they're each a part of SIGIC. And that membership guarantees that they can continue to be major players in a constantly changing market. Through a broad spectrum of programs including competitive employee outplacement, overhead reengineering, and innovative compensation right-sizing, the Controlling Board of SIGIC helps each Member Company remain a productive and profitable part of the Group.

(Due to an ongoing investigation by the Federal government for price fixing and unfair labor practices, we are legally conjoined from revealing the names of our member companies at this time.)

Self-Funded. Self-Driven. Self-Insured. Self-Interested.

Lots of companies tell you about how they focus on their customers, products and services. At SIGIC, we keep our attention on the single most important thing in the entire business world: ourselves. Can that focus, that dedication, that single-bloody-mindedness, work for you?

No, it can't.

It only works for us, and we intend to keep it that way.