Lenny Zen, Jr., that famous Mt. Fuji comic, never stops trying to come up with new material, and he's well aware that what's sold before will sell again. That is his downfall. Lenny's never had a truly original thought in his life that was any good. Many of you may already have seen some of his original thoughts. As one critic characterized Lenny's body of work: "[the work] is both original and good. However, the good part is not original, and the original part is not good."

Still, Lenny keeps trying. Recently he thought he'd break into the syndicated comic strip business. His complete lack of cartooning skill and general fuzziness about what constitutes a good joke he viewed as challenges rather than hindrances....

Verdict: not successful. The lawsuit is still pending.

Next, Lenny decides that he's a dynamic kind of guy, not suited to fixed images, and so his next great idea is for a syndicated funny-animal cartoon, maybe with some booger humor and references to bodily gases, running on some sort of cable network aimed at kids.

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Verdict: not successful. The lawsuit is still pending.

Well, this is where poor Lenny starts to get desperate. Still minus that megahit he's been searching for, Lenny tries to broker a deal to bring Melissa Joan Hart's Sabrina character over from her hit ABC network show, and combine it with the biggest syndicated show on the planet to produce something Lenny is ready to call


Verdict: What do you think?