Reasons Why We Think We Have the Best Site on the Web

The staff at Rinzai Satori's Haven't Got My Own Late Night Talk Show page has gone to almost no expense to bring you a Web site that is informative, consistently witty, and has that full, rich aroma you'd normally expect to pay more for. We'd like to take a moment of your time to recount the list of reasons why we think our site is the best site on the World Wide Web. Remember, we're not afraid to be the best*!

*We didn't say we're the best--just that we're not afraid to be. Here are some real comments we made up to bolster our opinion of how good a site we have:

Bogul S. Purvy says: "After perusing the site, I was able to recall that in a previous life I was illiterate, and reminisce fondly."

Fogarty Weffing opines: "The Rinzai Satori site makes even canned meat products palatable!"

Mary Doke writes: "The site has that full, rich aroma I'd normally expect to pay more for."

Jared Oopf tells us: "I found my wife on the Rinzai Satori site. I don't know what she was doing there--I thought she was at work!"

Maybe you too have a "Rinzai Satori" site story you'd like to share with us. If so, you're just the kind of person we'd like to have keep it to yourself. We're busy. Go bother someone else.